Lyft launches ‘trending destinations’ feature for aimless (and adventurous) riders

It’s Friday night, you’re ready to hit the town, but you don’t know where to go. Lyft wants to help with that, in a fun, albeit “joiner-y” kind of way.
On Friday, Lyft rolled out a new feature to Android users in Los Angeles and San Francisco called Trending Destinations. The point of the new feature is to help users “explore” their city.
When Lyft riders open the app to begin a ride, Lyft asks where they are going. Now, under the bar where you input your destination, there will be an option to click to see “Trending Destinations,” or popular drop-off spots for other riders nearby. Lyft calls these places “points of interest” and they include bars, restaurants, music venues, and street fairs. Read more…More about Lyft, Ride Hailing Apps, New Features, Tech, and Transportation


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