The rolling stones 50th anniversary

The rolling stones 50th anniversary and Mick Jagger Generally, The rolling stones 50th anniversary recorded without Brian Jones – who passed on a while before its discharge; besides the fact that he plays on two tracks). Basically it was supplanted by Mick Taylor (who additionally plays on only two melodies). This broadens the stone and […]

Mark Manthei on Guital/Vocals

How to Creating the mood for songwriting

Creating the mood for songwriting Writing a canzonet with unforgettable melodies and creative lyrics can be defiance. Even the most experienced songwriters go through writer’s block at some point in their race, and there are many different coming to songwriting. Here are 10 salutary songwriting tap, each backed up by taking from some of the’s […]

“KILL THE MUSIC” BY PUSSY WILLOWS AND PANCAKES…..Introducing pussy willows and pancakes.

Shoot us a comment….and let us know you care…..and if we get enough comments….we will keep posting more performances. Introducing pussy willows and pancakes. We practiced this twice. You caught us on take three. I wrote this for the music business. The old one. The corrupt one. The one that exploits. Now I make my […]

How to have real fun with songwriting…HALF THE FUN….is TRYING!!

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